Kristen Howerton from Rage against the Minivan and a few of her friends made this so true video and it is spreading like wildfire.  I think all of my adoption friends have probably already seen it, but I wanted to share it here for those friends and family who occasionally have to go out in public with us and witness the awkwardness.  

I thought this video was hilarious and after I watched it a couple of times I started checking off how many of these comments I've heard myself.  

SEVENTEEN.  I've heard seventeen of these.  

And we've been home for three months.  As funny as the video is, it's not funny that all seventeen different comments have been uttered in front of my children, in public, and by complete strangers.    

It is not that I don't want to talk about adoption.  I LOVE to talk about adoption.  But what I don't love is when someone I hardly know asks me in WalMart if we met our daughters birth mother.  

What I don't love is the way that people seem to think that because she is adopted, the rules of privacy and personal space no longer apply.  I don't love that.  

What I do love, or I should say who I do love, is the lady at MCL Cafeteria who asked River and I what we wanted to drink and then asked casually, "And what about your daughter?"  

She just said, "your daughter."  Without the curious smile, without a raised eyebrow, without a wink.  Just, "your daughter."  

I wanted to jump over the counter and hug her.  It is still our best, most normal, most happy encounter with a stranger we've had in three months, and she has no idea.  She just treated us like a normal family and she has no idea how much it meant to us.  

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