Finally!  We are On Deck!  The email came on my mom's birthday, which was perfect, because she's probably asked me a thousand times if we've gotten that email.  I think she was more concerned about it than I was!

On Deck means that America World has reason to believe that we will receive our referral (our babies picture, name, history, medical report, etc...) within one to three months.  It's not a guarantee.  It's mostly just a heads-up that it may be coming soon. 

So we are trying not to get our hopes up too high... but at the same time, it's way better to know that we are On Deck than to not be.  At least something has happened.  A sign that they know we're still here and we're still waiting. 

Although there have been very few referrals given out in the past few months, there have been many, many children coming home.  Here are the blogs of a few of our American World YahooGroup friends who have come home with their children in just the past few days:

The Mullis Family

The Tennant Family

The Wanderer Family

The Jones Family
(home six weeks, but I had to include them, because their girl is just too cute)

Brandy's Mom
6/29/2011 10:58:14 am

What a great birthday present!!

6/29/2011 01:41:07 pm

YAY!!!!!!!! Horay for being on deck! Can't wait till you guys get that referral. Can't wait until you bring her home!


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