It's been eight months.  14 months since we started our dossier paperwork.  American World has told us from day one that we should expect to wait between 7 and 11 months for a referral.  So I don't know why we're surprised that it has taken this long.  Except to say that one family once got a referral after waiting only six months and I took that to mean that we were guaranteed to wait only four or five.  I was wrong.  They were right. 

So, we'll continue to wait.  We are still number four (tied with two other families) on the waiting list.  We don't have our On Deck email yet, but hopefully it will come soon.  Hopefully we'll see some referrals this week and some court and embassy dates scheduled too.

Here are a couple of blogs of families who are in the process of bringing their children home.  Proof it does actually happen!



4/27/2011 11:25:37 am

Waiting with you Sister and hopeful that these storms we are having are blowing in some referrals too :) Angi

4/27/2011 12:40:48 pm

WOO HOO!!!! Though you would prefer to be "off the list," congrats on being another month CLOSER to your daughter! May you "meet" her soon!!!! :)


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