It's hard to stay down for long, when we have dolls and crib toys coming in every day.  Last week we had three boxes delivered in the same day!  A big box of dolls from a Girl Scout Troop in Texas, crib toys and a quilt from New York, and six dolls from Laura who has this cute site: Stitches 4 Missions.
To help make dolls, please read this post.  To make crib toys read this post.  

And stay tuned for Project #3!

Oh!  And we can call this one Project #2.5.  We need old iPhones!  If you have upgraded your iPhone and you have an old one laying around, we met some amazing men in Ethiopia who could use them.  If you are interested I'd love to tell you more about it.  Email me at BrandyDWade (at)

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