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I am booking fundraisers in two-week increments beginning Sept 29th through Dec 15th.  I have spots available for five families. Here's the deal:

  1. First of all, I know you are all watching your budgets and purchasing luxuries like Mary Kay for yourself is probably out of the question. So, for the hostess, during your two week fundraiser you may purchase any Mary Kay product for yourself at cost. You'll pay the wholesale price (50% of the retail price) plus tax. So as you shop for yourself imagine paying half of the retail price plus tax. That's an awesome deal!

  2. You will receive a check for 25% of the total amount of Mary Kay I sell during your two week fundraiser. You'll be promoting this fundraiser to your friends, family, and coworkers with catalogs and my website. You'll get 25% of sales you are able to stir up, PLUS 25% of any other sales that come through my website during your fundraiser. 

  3. Your friends and family who order product during the two-week fundraiser will become part of your “List.” In the highly probable event that someone on your “List” re-orders product from me at any time during the rest of your adoption you will receive a check for 15% of that order. So your fundraising will continue long after your fundraiser is over!

I have five spots available! Please contact me if you are interested! 
BrandyDWade (at) gmail.com

Sept 29th - 9th
Oct 10th - 23rd
Oct 24th - 6th
Nov 21st - 4th
Dec 5th - 15th

Shop anytime at www.marykay.com/brandydwade.

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