A picture taken for us last week by the Sfura family.
We have not yet been submitted to the Embassy, but we are hoping it will happen tonight.  We are still hopeful that we will be traveling to pick her up in mid-June.  God willing, we'll be surprised, and it will be sooner!  Because we're ready to go right now!

She's had bronchitis, but she's better now.  Waiting here is much easier when we know she is healthy.  We're praying she'll stay healthy for the rest of her stay.

After we ranted and raved about the government orphanage, several... or almost all... of the AWAA families traveling to Ethiopia since we've been there, have also visited the government orphanage.  I am so thankful to all of those families for putting themselves in that situation.  For seeing what they did not want to see.  And now... we aren't the only family fired up about helping those children.

And we've had a huge response to our call for donations too.  We'll have close to 200 crib toys and already nearly 100 dolls.  We could definitely use more dolls!  We could easily take 300 dolls!
Angi Cooper, me and Tracy Wages at Created for Care in January, with our referral pictures.
Most of you know that Tracy Wages has been with me through this entire adoption.  Our dossiers got to Ethiopia on the same day and we waited through the entire wait together.  We met in-person at Created for Care in January.  She got her referral for Olivia Selam a week before we got our referral for Willow Temar.  Last week, she came home from Ethiopia with Olivia.  She wrote a wonderful post about their transition together.  And seeing as though Olivia is only a few months older than Willow, we are preparing for a similar homecoming scene.  So friends and family, please take a few minutes to read what Tracy writes, as I think it might prepare us all for what is to come.

Why my baby may live in a sling. by Tracy Wages

My favorite part is, "So please don't think we are hogging our new baby, not wanting to share her gorgeous smile.   Or that we are withdrawing completely from all our friends and family.  It's just that until we see what this little fragile 11 month old mind and soul can handle - we don't want to expose her to more stress and anxiety than absolutely necessary."  
Another picture from the Sfuras. Not so happy with the strangers trying to take her picture.
5/22/2012 01:56:53 am

So good to see a new picture of our sweet baby girl! Can't wait to see her!

Samantha Constant
5/22/2012 02:03:43 am

Cant wait to see you all Memorial Weekend. Willow is beautiful. Praying for you both. Love you all.

5/23/2012 08:08:23 am

We are in paperchase mode right now and I am so happy to see your posts and photos! Congratulations.


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