Aberash is Willow's great-aunt.  On April 14th of this year we traveled to Harar and met Aberash in person.  We were able to thank her and hug her and laugh with her.  She is a strong, spirited woman.  She gave Willow the name Temar, which means, "to become educated."  And she is serious about the name.  She is so passionate about Willow having a better life and getting an education that every time I open my mouth to say "Willow" Aberash gets in the way and I say "Temar."  Which has led to some serious confusion as to what our daughters name actually is. 

Aberash is traveling to Addis right now.  It's a long, long journey from Harar.  And tomorrow, Thursday (late tonight, early tomorrow our time), she will appear before the adoption judge in the same place that we went to court while we were there.  She has to give her testimony directly to the judge and she will be very nervous.  She is doing this very difficult thing for us, because she loves Temar and wants her to have a good life.  Aberash is a fighter, but we are asking for prayers to ease her travel, calm her nerves and give her the strength and discernment to tell the judge exactly what she needs to hear.  

We are also praying that this is all that the judge needs and our court decree can be corrected now.  Because we can't be submitted to the US Embassy and we can't be cleared to bring her home until we have a corrected court decree.  The courts will close at the end of July for two months.  So please pray with us that this is resolved before the courts close.  

UPDATE!!  We just found out that the interview has already happened!  We don't know if she arrived early or we were told the wrong date.  But it went perfectly and the judge says that we should have a new court decree by FRIDAY!!  Please pray that they will be able to submit us to the Embassy next week!  This is the best news we could have gotten!  

Aberash was so kind that she brought a photograph of Temar's birthmother for us to have.  We've never seen her face.  We are so grateful to this amazing woman.  Temar really comes from an amazing family.
Our last picture of Aberash as she left to walk home.
6/27/2012 06:21:16 am

Oh wow!! Wonderful news!!!

6/27/2012 09:00:47 am

WHAT??!!!??? You are kidding me!!!!! Freaking out here in SC for you! Best news all week, seriously!!!!

6/27/2012 09:38:02 am

Great news!!!


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