About a month ago our good friends Tim and Angi Cooper from Bloomfield finally received their referral for Aerie.  She is 13 months old and absolutely beautiful!  They will be leaving to meet her and to appear in Ethiopian court on January 6th with a January 11th court date.  We could not be more excited for all three of them!  We sure do wish we were traveling with them, but more importantly we want Aerie to come home quickly!

Since the Coopers received their referral we have been waiting at the top of the list for our adoption agency.  Which means that our phone could ring with our referral any day.  Waiting and knowing that the phone could ring, is slightly easier than waiting and knowing that the phone won't ring. But we still don't know if it will be today or weeks or months from now.  We've already seen families sit at the top of the waiting list for months.

In the meantime, Christmas has kept us busy.  We asked our families to not buy Christmas presents for "Sissy," because it would be sad for us and confusing for River.  But we did buy one very special gift for our little girl.  An Ethiopian doll named Rahel. 
12/20/2011 06:05:48 am

LOVE the doll!!!


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