There is a small percentage of people, who when I tell that we’re adopting, seem to feel sorry for the fact that I am missing out on pregnancy.  It’s got me thinking about the difference between pregnancy and adoption.  Having been through one completely and the other half the way, I can honestly say that so far there is very little difference at all.  

I feel as much love and connection with our Ethiopian daughter as I did for River when we were expecting.  I have the same worries about her future and her health that I had for River.  I feel the same excitement and curiosity. 

Whether you conceive through biology or adoption, you typically leave your comfortable home for an unfamiliar place and before you leave, a stranger hands you a helpless baby, who is completely dependent on you. 

The only real difference is logistics.  Either way, a new family is created. 

For us, we met our first child in a hospital in Bloomington and the second we’ll meet in a transition home in Ethiopia.  Both will be met with the same amount of anticipation and love.  Both will become a part of our family forever.

3/1/2011 11:34:15 am

I don't know ---- I think the pregnancy part was easier! Much easier!


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