Tim and Angi Cooper passed court and are now officially the parents of
Aerie Paige Tseganesh Cooper! 
Aerie is NOT feeling well!  She has a fever, a runny nose and doesn't want to eat, because she's having a hard time breathing with the congestion.  They spoke with a doctor and Aerie has been put on an antibiotic.  Please pray that she will be feeling 100% better by the time Tim and Angi have to leave her this weekend.  It will be hard enough to leave her, they certainly don't want to leave her if she isn't feeling well.

Having spoken to Angi and our friend Tracy Wages who just got her referral for an 8 month old baby girl... I have two predictions about our daughter.  I think she will be chunky and bald!  The families who are in Ethiopia right now are telling us that the nannies at the transition home are overfeeding the babies.  Which, with so much malnourishment in the country, who can blame them!  And all of the children, young and old, boy and girl, have their heads shaved.  So we're going to be adding a big flowered headband to that care package! 
1/12/2012 06:22:30 am

This Meme cannot wait to see every bit of our sweet baby girl's cute chubby baldness! Love it! So happy for Coopers. Aerie is beautiful!

1/12/2012 10:38:48 pm

Love this picture! And of course your sweet girl will need a flowered headband!! Every girl does. Praying you get to send that care package soon:).


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