BEMM is working to stock a Health Center in Northern Ethiopia that currently serves 10,000 people. 

"In June, I spent time in a  village in Northern Ethiopia called Mareya. It is the main village surrounded by 23 rural villages without access to power or running water. I visited the only health center that is responsible for the over 10,000 people that live near by. As I walked from room to room it was apparent that they lacked everything that is needed to serve the people. The 3 nurses that run the clinic don't even have masks, gloves, shoe covers or smocks to protect themselves from infection. The beds were bare. Let me rephrase that, the one bed that actually had a mattress didn't have a sheet. The crib for the newborns was dirty and without sheets. The privacy dividers didn't even have curtains. They had nothing. When our team returns in October our goal is bring as many supplies as we can carry to help stock the clinic.

Any and all supplies really will make a difference. We are need of the following supplies. Many items can be purchased or made. We need blankets and hats for the babies, curtains for the windows, etc..."

Supplies currently needed for clinic and birthing kits are...
  1. Antibacterial soap
  2. Sheets and linens
  3. clorox wipes
  4. curtains for privacy
  5. sharp containers
  6. BP cuffs ( manual or automatic)
  7. simple face mask or with face shields
  8. betadine
  9. portable fetal heart monitor
  10. simple standing scale (preferred weigh in Kg)
  11. prenatal vitamins
  12. couple pairs of CROCS- women and men sizes (4 pairs)
  13. pens and planner for data purposes
  14. neonatal diapers
  15. receiving blankets
  16. Boxes of gloves (Med or Lg) (500 pairs needed)
  17. Sterile Gauze packages
  18. antibacterial bar soap (500 bars needed)
  19. Antibacterial gel
  20. bulb syringes
  21. sanitary pads for mother
  22. neonatal hats
*Other items not listed are going to be purchased in country to help support economy and travel purposes. We are planning on bringing around 500 birthing kits with us in October.

To make donating even easier an Amazon store has been created. 
You can access the store here:
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