Since we started researching adoption two years ago, we've discovered non-profits, churches and business organizations that work in almost every single aspect of orphan care.  It's not hard to find ways to donate formula, or sponsor a child.  You can even send HIV+ orphans to school for a year.  There are so many ways to help the orphan crisis, but no solution to the orphan crisis. 
So for a long time I have asked myself, "If the parents were getting help, couldn't we prevent the child from being orphaned in the first place?" 

But where are the people who are working to keep the parents alive?  I didn't know.  Until last week.
That's when the Seevers posted about an organization called Because Every Mother Matters.  I read their blog post and then spent an hour reading everything on the Because Every Mother Matters website (BEMM).  I was fascinated with what I read on their site.  And I was even more intrigued when I realized that the organization is run by three American women with no background or education in humanitarian aid.
There is so much that I want to say about Because Every Mother Matters that I am going to break it up into a series of blog posts.  First I want to tell you what they are all about.  Then I want to tell you how we can help them.  Angi and I have already worked out several ideas.  And then I want to tell you how helping them, can actually help us too.

What is Because Every Mother Matters?

They began in 2008 sending sterile birthing kits to mothers in East Africa, where one in eleven mothers will die from childbirth complications.  Currently they are working frantically to fully fund a $20,000 4x4 vehicle to serve as an ambulance for 24 remote villages in Africa.  As of right now they have only raised $1250 toward that $20,000 goal.  So one thing I want to do is help them reach that goal!

BEMM has also created Mother Sponsorships.  Think of a typical Compassion or World Vision child sponsorship, only this is for mothers.  You help support the mother with education, medical attention, and opportunities that she wouldn't otherwise have.  Most importantly, keep her alive for her children.

To learn more about BEMM and the many other things they are doing, go to the About Us link on their website:

I hope you find it as fascinating as I did.  Tomorrow I'll post about the plans we have to help them. 
9/9/2011 12:00:19 am

this is really cool. i'd love to help out. maybe my site can sponsor a project. we usually do fundraising for individual families, but are starting to do a project a month as well. email me if you get a chance.


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