This little sweetie-pie appeared on the AWAA Waiting Child List one day, and I think just about every family who saw him, called about him.  Including us.  

The Krohn family was chosen to be his and they traveled for court shortly after we did.  They've been submitted to the embassy now, and hopefully we'll meet in Ethiopia when we're both picking up our kids.  

We were able to meet Nahome when we visited the Transition Home.  He is every bit as cute as he looks in his pictures.  But what surprised us was the number of other 4 - 6 year old boys there that were equally adorable!  It doesn't seem like our agency gives many referrals for that age range, so I'm not sure what is going on with all of those cute boys, but they are there.  And they all need families.

This week Nahomes family is the Give1Save1.com family of the week.  So pop on over there and donate a dollar to help them bring this cutie home.  
If you were surprised to hear that we once inquired about a five-year-old boy, don't be.  Being as tightly wrapped up in adoption as we are right now, we see waiting child lists all of the time.  And it's hard not to fall in love with a child every now and then.  Even if it doesn't always make sense.  

We feel like God has put several older and special needs children on our hearts, but the door always closes.  One of these days, maybe the door will open and it will never close.  But for today, we just want to get Temar home and let her be our baby for a while.

Maybe there is an older or special needs child out there for your family?  Here's are of some of my favorite waiting child lists.  

Reece's Rainbow - Down Syndrome and HIV+ Children
London is HIV+.

Hope for Orphans

Adopt US Kids - American Children

Project Hopeful - HIV+ Children Worldwide

Urgent Need for a Family!
This little guy in grey, Porter, is in urgent need of a family, RIGHT NOW.  Please feel free to pass his story on.  He needs help.  You can read about him here: http://covenantbuilders.blogspot.co.uk/2012/06/crying-out-for-porter.html

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