Brandy is doing great today! She has been very nauseous, which we were told would be the case after surgery. She's extremely sensitive to motion, so they've told her to keep her eyes closed when we go back to visit with her. The internist, Dr. Stefan, just spoke with us about her condition and said she's on par to get out of the ICU today and be moved to a private room. Her vitals are great, and she's able to speak with us, although she is still very groggy.  She has had some slight facial paralysis due to the nature of the surgery. Her facial nerve received some bruising during the removal of the tumor. The paralysis is slight and is only noticeable at the corner of her mouth when she makes certain expressions. This paralysis should go away with time (within the next few weeks according to the doctors). 

The biopsy results from her tumor should be back to us within the next few days - all of the doctors have told us that they are most certain that it is a benign tumor.

I will continue to update everyone. Thanks again for your thoughts and prayers! 
4/7/2011 05:32:56 am

Thank you for the update! We continue to keep Brandy in our prayers and are hoping for a quick recovery!!

4/7/2011 05:33:43 am

Logan, thank you so much for keeping us updated. I have been thinking about you all and praying non-stop. I'm so happy to hear that she is doing well! God is so good!!

4/7/2011 07:01:52 am

thanks for the updates Logan! Me and my littles are praying for her. You'll have to tell her that Angie and I miss emailing back and forth speculating on every bit of adoption news every day! Get well fast girlie!!


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