I just went back and visited with Brandy. They had her sitting up in a chair, which is one of the first steps to leaving the ICU. She didn't much care for sitting up, but she did it well. As I left, they were putting her back into bed. The main nurse, Rebecca, let us know that our private room was being prepared and that we could have a bed brought in for me - I plan on sleeping here this evening.  Everyone here at the hospital and at House Clinic have been so wonderful and accommodating! Right now Brandy is still nauseous, but has been enjoying ice chips, water, and orange sherbet. 

Donna Kluesner
4/7/2011 07:41:21 am

So glad to hear things are going well. Been praying every day for a speedy recovery!

4/7/2011 08:40:00 am

continuing to pray for Brandy to feel better. Thanks so much for all the updates!

4/7/2011 08:42:38 am

Continuing to pray for Brandy to be feeling better and no more nausea. Thanks so much for all the updates!

Lori Misner
4/7/2011 09:31:52 am

So VERY thankful your surgery is behind you. Now praying for a quick and easy recovery. God is so very good. Meme has been telling me about your website, but I just now was able to get on it. I've really enjoyed reading all your posts.I'll continue praying for you all. Love and God Bless!

4/7/2011 12:35:47 pm

Hey, I didn't get orange sherbet. No fair.

So glad to hear Brandy is doing well. I feel like I'm her coach through this.

Every day gets better. I'm 8 weeks out and I've been doing the elliptical for over two weeks now.


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