Yesterday we mailed off our second care package.  The Strange family from Texas will deliver it for us next week.  The first care package we sent over with Tim and Angi, is now with Tara Mowen in Ethiopia and she is going to deliver it next week as well.  Hopefully, we'll be getting new pictures next week too!
We were so excited to go shopping.  We never dreamed we'd be shopping for 0 - 3 months clothes!  We each picked out an outfit... I bet you can guess who picked what.  In this care package we are sending: Two outfits, a bottle (the same brand we used with River), vitamins, booties with rattles, a teething ring, and a photo album.

River has been waiting months to put pictures in this album.  We carefully chose four pictures to send.  Not that she'll know what she's looking at, but this will be the first she sees of us.
Everyone has been asking about her name, but we haven't decided yet.  I mean, we only had 16 months to decide!  Now that we've seen her beautiful face there is a lot more pressure to come up with the perfect name.  She already has an Ethiopian name, but we can't share it online until we have passed court.  

We have had the best week just staring at her seven pictures.  We are so proud of her.  

Hopefully in the next few weeks we'll get a call about our court date.  We're hoping for late February or early March, but there are some missing documents that we'll have to have before we can pass court.  So please pray that all of her paperwork is taken care of quickly and we pass court on the first try.

Thank you all so much for your love, support and enthusiasm!
1/26/2012 12:38:21 am

I can't tell you how fun it is to see the joy you've put into this care package after months of waiting!! So excited for you to go to court!

1/26/2012 05:16:41 am

Oh goodness when you said that you each had picked an outfit and to guess who picked which I scrolled back up and when I saw the "I love Daddy" it made me get all choked up. Precious!!

1/26/2012 08:35:52 am

AWE! Love her outfits! Can't wait for you to see more pics of her.


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