Our very best friends, Tim and Angi Cooper, are in Ethiopia right now picking up their beautiful daughter Aerie.  Aerie is at the same transition home as our baby.  Since Tim and Angi will be meeting our daughter before we do... we wanted to send a very special care package with them.  We sent two outfits, a video camera, a toy, a headband, a special blanky from our house and a family picture.
Most importantly I included a list of instructions titled "Instructions from a Crazy Mommy" with explanations of pictures and videos we wanted taken, things to do, and a few important things we wanted them to tell her.
River sleeping with the blanky we sent over. We wanted it to smell as much like us and our house as possible.
They delivered the package today (through the night on Sunday our time) and they said that she was happy and sweet.  She was happy when they handed her to them, but cried when they tried to change her clothes.  And I sent two outfits!  They said she is beautiful.  

We can not wait to meet her ourselves.  We just booked our tickets and we will finally meet her on April 13th!  

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