This year we're trying to do as much of our Christmas shopping as we can locally and with organizations that support causes we care about.  Honestly, it's a little harder to do than it should be.  

Through my searches I've found a few good sites I'd like to recommend for those of you out there who might be trying to do the same.  

But first of all, let me toot my own horn.  

Look at this awesome picture I took!  At least I think I remember taking it, I guess it could have been Logan... or even Yonas... but I was definitely present when this picture was taken...
This awesome picture I took... is in a calendar!  Yeah.  How cool is that?  And you can order that calendar from our great friends the Hurleys on their new site: Amharic Blessings.  All of the items are made in Ethiopia and all of the proceeds support two awesome organizations currently working in Ethiopia (including Bring Love In). We're ordering the music DVD for Willow for Christmas and the blue scarf for me, because it's awesome.  

Side Note: The Hurleys happen to have the most beautiful boy, Samuel, who is also from Harar and is exactly Willow's age.  Samuel and Willow would have ridden in the van together from Harar to Addis Ababa- right past the scene in this picture.  

So please check out Amharic Blessings!  

Here are a few other sites I've enjoyed (and might be orderings some Christmas gifts from) this year...

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