Every year we try to buy gifts that support a cause.  A cause bigger than Macy's or WalMart's bottom line.  We scour the internet and our friends' adoption blogs in search of cool gifts.  But it's hard.  A lot harder than a trip to the mall.  

To our rescue, adoptive mommy and blogger-extraordinaire Tiffany Darling, has created a pinboard with an extensive list of pins of fair trade, handmade, creative and wonderful gifts for the holidays.  

Here is her original post.  
Here is a link to the pinboard.

You'll see the term "fair trade" on these items a lot and you might be wondering what fair trade really means.  It's means simply that the items are being bought and sold with fairness.  You can rest assured that no one in a third world country is being taken advantage of for a better price.  These items are bought and resold at a fair price so that these developing entrepreneurs can build their business, build their local economy and support their families.
11/5/2012 10:19:57 pm

I love this!!


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