Last Fall we found out through the YahooGroup that the babies at KVI orphanage in Ethiopia (one of the orphanages that our daughter may come from) had no diapers.  This was the sickening post that we read one morning:

They do not have any diapers. Yes, you read that correctly. An orphanage full
of babies and toddlers, and there are no diapers. They have rags and ripped
pieces of sheets that the wrap around their bottoms, and keep them in place with
onesie t-shirts. Every single baby we held today was soaking wet (or worse),
their entire outfit. They lay on the floor, soaking wet, and get changed on the
floor...where they all crawl around and play with the few toys that they have.
In addition, they had no mattresses in many of the cribs. Babies sleeping on a
the wooden bottom of a crib. I don't know that I would have believed it if I
hadn't seen it with my own eyes.

This sent all of us into a frenzy of gathering and sending diapers and inspired the huge donation of 1800 diapers we received from Toasty Baby in Fishers and the making of many, many handmade covers.  I am so excited to say that for the first time there is confirmation that cloth diapers have made their way to KVI orphanage and are in use! 

Our friend Tara who was at KVI just this week says...

"We were just at the orphanages yesterday and they told us they need formula and older kids clothes, like ages 6 and up. Both Kids Care and KVI looked nice and clean yesterday. The babies had cloth diapers on too!"

She told me later that she saw "hundreds" of cloth diapers drying on a clothes line. 


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