Anna Graham, the America World Africa Program Director, is in Ethiopia this week and will be checking up on our case.  Please pray with us that she is able to get the documents we need so that we may be submitted to court this week.   

We know we won't have a court date before April 10th.  April 16th has always been our lucky day (the day River came home from the hospital and the day I came home from the hospital last year), so we are praying that we will either have a court date on April 16th or be in Ethiopia that week.  But we have to be submitted to court this week in order for that to happen.

So please pray that they get the documents they need!
3/6/2012 10:27:24 am

just read your update on the yahoo group and wanted to drop by and let you know that i am PRAYING for you!!!!

I've been loving this Andy Stanley quote lately: "Waiting time is not wasted time for anyone in whose heart God has placed a vision. Difficult time. Painful time. Frustrating time. But not wasted time."


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