It was almost exactly a year ago when we first told our families that we had decided on Ethiopia.  We expected them to be excited and supportive, but never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that they would be putting this kind of work and time into our adoption.  We just spent our ENTIRE Saturday set up assembly line style- both sides of the family, men and women- working to construct almost 200 waterproof cloth diaper covers for the orphanages that our daughter/granddaughter/cousin/niece may currently reside or will soon pass through.  Our family is as excited about and concerned about "sissy," "Emma," "baby" or whatever it is they are calling her at the moment, as we are.  (And Tonia- when I say family, that means you too.)  There is no way to say thank you and I know that isn't what they are looking for anyway, but I hope that someday when sissy/Emma/baby, or whatever her name turns out to be, looks back on the video and the pictures of today she knows how much she was loved and anticipated before we even knew her.

We have bags upon bags of diaper cover materials.  They are divided into bags of 12 smalls or 6 larges.  The bags have everything you need except the thread and a sewing machine.  So if you know how to sew and would like to make some covers, please let us know!  We'd love to get a bag to you.  Or if you live outside of our area, I can email you the pattern and instructions.

Thanks so much to all of the women who have already taken materials!

1/24/2011 02:41:58 am

Did I tell you how I am a dork and bought enough fabric/PUL to make 50 covers, vs. the 12 I was aiming for??? Anyway, my sweet church ladies group will be helping me make the rest at the end of the month. We're calling it "Blessing Babies Bottoms Brunch" :) But you girl, your support group just rocks!!!!!


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