This time last year we were busy finishing up the last minute details of our dossier.  One of the last things I did were our photo pages. 
The photo pages had some strict rules as to what had to be on each page.  Back then I was a newbie on the YahooGroup.  (Not the compulsive crazy checking it 100 times a day, like I am now.)  Three nice families who didn't know me at all offered to send me their photo pages as an example.  The Druckenmillers, the Munns, and the Joneses.  Since then we've gotten to know all three families well.  Carmen Druckenmiller just did a Pampered Chef Party for me.  We met the Munns in Columbus with their daughter Evelyn. 
Adoption friends and kids swinging in Columbus, Indiana.
Several families that we've gotten to know through the YahooGroup, met in person, or shipped donations to, are currently in Ethiopia meeting their children for court or picking up their children to come home.  The Seevers have some great pictures of the trip on their blog:

For those who may not realize it, the pictures of the couples looking off camera crying and smiling, those are the pictures of the first time they are seeing their children.  They can't post pictures of their children online until after they have passed court.  Every time I see those pictures I wonder what Logan and I will look like in that moment and who will be with us to take our picture?
"Meme" Janet
7/28/2011 07:18:06 am

In your blog you mentioned that you wondered what you and Logan will look like when your baby girl is handed to you and who will take the picture. Well I can assure you that you will look beautiful and teary eyed as all parents do after a "labor of love" as this journey has been so far and will certainly be. When you get to the airport you can bet that you'll think that the paparazzi has arrived!!!!! Love you guys so much:)

7/31/2011 11:14:28 pm

Ok, your photo page is SO much fancier than mine was!!!

How much longer did they tell you? Email me, I would love to compare notes!

missydoll @ gmail

8/1/2011 12:58:18 pm

Can't wait for your beautiful homecoming in the airport!


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