As previously mentioned, Ethiopia celebrates the new year on September 11th due to their use of the Coptic calendar. The new year celebration is called Enkutatash (en-koo-TAH-tash) which means "gift of jewels." Not only does this celebration mark the end of the rainy season, but also the return of the Queen of Sheba (known in Ethiopia as Makeda) from her visit to King Solomon in Jerusalem - which is recorded in 1 Kings 10:1-13 and again in 2 Chronicles 9:1-12. Once she returned to Ethiopia, King Solomon sent her a gift of jewelry.

Enkutatash is a time when Ethiopians enjoy the fine weather and celebrate new life, often covering their floors with freshly cut grass. Children dress in white and go door to door singing and offering bouquets of wildflowers, yellow meskel (mehs-KEHL) daisies, to every lady of the house. In return, the children sometimes receive a small gift.


7/10/2011 11:55:01 pm

i absolutely love this post! Love learning new things about our children's birth country!! Thanks for posting this!

Casondra Radford
9/8/2011 08:02:05 am

It means a lot to me that you are learning about the culture of your children. That is very important to not try and westernize them but to respect their culture, allowing them to love and respect the country from which they were birthed. How beautiful!


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