Ethiopian cuisine is unique to say the least. We recently tried Ethiopian food and instantly fell in love with it. Needless to say, it’s different than anything we’re used to eating here in the States.

One distinctive characteristic of Ethiopian dining is the lack of utensils. Instead of forks, knives, or spoons, Ethiopians  use what’s called injera which is defined as “a yeast-risen flat bread with a unique, slightly spongy texture.” It’s kind of like a thin pancake.

Injera is served on the side. Food is served on one big platter and is meant to be shared by a small group. Several colorful entrees sit atop the platter, making it look like a giant painter’s palette. The platter is lined with a layer of injera as well.

To start, you tear off a piece of the injera bread and use it to pick up a piece of food - traditionally, you eat with your right hand only. Once you have the desired amount of food, you pop the whole thing in your mouth. When all the piles of food have been consumed, eat the underlying injera which absorbs all of the juices - this is usually considered the best part of the meal.

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