The amazing journey of a coffee bean from Ethiopia to Europe. 
Logan and I have been selling Fair Trade Ethiopian Coffee for seven or eight months now, and I'm going to be honest, the only person who has ever bought a bag is my Dad. 

Thank you Dad. 

We had kind of put coffee sales on the back burner, since it hasn't actually been working, but we got an email today from Just Love Coffee and if we sell $150 worth of coffee by June 1st we'll get a whole bunch of other free stuff that we can turn around and sell to raise even more for our adoption. 

$12 -$13 a bag is more expensive than the coffee you buy at WalMart, but consider that $5 of that goes directly to us and it is purchased from farmers in their country at fair trade prices.  And it's not only Ethiopian coffee.  They sell from many different countries.  If you're not a coffee drinker they also sell apparel and accessories.  They also sell coffee samplers and have a coffee by the month club, where you can order once and have coffee delivered every month or every other month.

So, please check out our store and help us reach our $150 goal this month!

You can order from our store at:

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