The third organization we will be fundraising for is Because Every Mother Matters.  After our huge success for them last year, we couldn't leave them out this year!  
This year we hope to raise money for their newest project: Sada House.  

From their site:
In March of 2012 we launched a therapeutic safe house for girls and women who were/are at risk of being sexually exploited. Individuals identified for enrollment into Sada's house have been referred the program by local authorities and partners.

At Sada's house these girls and women can be given a safe environment where they can grow to be healthy and happy young ladies. Each individual will undergo a health assessment and be entered into appropriate medical care, including HIV treatment. Those of school age will be given the opportunity to attend school and the girls will participate together in learning basic household skills.  After completion of the program, the young women will be transitioned into either foster care or the Momma sponsorship program (if appropriate).

Time at Sada's house allows these young women to heal, learn skills, be a part of a "family" and most important to be girls, women.... The beautiful spirits that they were created to be.  To have fun, laugh, be nurtured and live a life without fear.

The mother that Logan and I sponsor, Ayalenesh, recently spent some time at Sada House.  

Last week Steffany said,  "Sada House currently houses five girls ages 7 - 16 who were living on the street being sexually exploited to survive."  It takes $1,100 a month to fund the home.  

Visit their new website:

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