We are so excited to support Love is... Ethiopia this year, because this pioneering family is from... Indianapolis! 
Christie and I found each other through our mutual desire to send cloth diapers to Ethiopia.  We've traded diapers and covers more than once over the past two years.  

Next year, she and her husband Adam and their four children will be moving to Ethiopia to create a day care center for children of single mothers in the slums of Addis Ababa at no cost.

Mothers who typical survive by begging and digging through trash to feed their children will have safe and free place to leave their children while they work through the day.  While the mothers find jobs and work, the children will be given nutritious meals, clothing and love.  And the best part is, the children will be back in their mothers arms at the end of the day.  

This is huge step in the way of keeping families together and preventing children from becoming orphans.  

Christie and Adam are currently working to raise the huge amount of money needed to move their family to Ethiopia and start-up this new program.  I hope that after this weekend we're able to move them a little closer to their goal.

Love is... Ethiopia has a great online store and we will be selling some cute stickers and necklaces for them.  

Adoptive families out there- These items are very small and I would be happy to ship any of these to you for free!  Just leave a comment or send me an email at BrandyDWade (at) gmail (dot) com with your order and pay through our paypal button on the right side.  These are all very cute and would be great to pass out to the friends and family supporting your adoption! 
Almost every child we saw in Ethiopia was sporting this style of necklace!  These are only $3.50!  
These small 3 x 2 inch stickers are only 50 cents!
Bumper Stickers only $1!!  

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