We have followed the Block family's blog from the time before we even started our own adoption.  We followed them last year when they packed up their big family, sold everything, and moved to Guatemala as missionaries.  And now we are following their story as they start an orphanage of their own.  An orphanage for only HIV+ Guatemalan orphans.
They currently need to raise an extraordinary amount of money to pay for the facility, to build the homes, to finish several construction projects, to purchase appliances and furniture, as well as to provide for the needs of all of the children who will be coming.  They hope to open their doors for the children in January.

The children, all living with HIV, are in desperate need of a safe home.  So we will be fundraising for them, in hopes that we'll be able to send them a big ol' check to help move them along.  

For more on this project click here.  For the Block family blog click here.  

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