For months we've assumed we'd be bringing Willow home in June and we've told everyone so.  Now it is clear that we are not bringing her home this month and we're answering the question, "So when are you going to get her?" every day.  So here are a few answers to the questions we're getting everywhere we go.

When are you going?
We don't know.  If everything had gone as planned we'd be there now.  But our paperwork isn't correct and that is a very long story.  Ultimately, we need prayers that our court decree is corrected by the end of July, because the Ethiopian courts close for two months in August and September and we do not want to be stuck here, still waiting, when the courts close.  
What happens now?
We wait.  There is no risk that Willow won't be ours.  She is already officially ours according to Ethiopian law.  But our court decree has to be changed to reflect the true story of her abandonment and all we can do is wait and pray that it happens quickly.
How many dolls do you have?
I don't know.  I know there are a lot.  For certain there are over 200.  Every single doll that comes in is as important as the first doll and I don't feel like an exact tally really matters.  The real answer is, we don't have enough.  We'll never have enough.  We will not run out of orphaned children to hand them to.  So, the answer is, not enough.  Keep them coming.  
This is not all of the dolls, these are JUST the ones from our Linton First Christian Church family. I put the instructions out three weeks ago and every Sunday we've been bringing home anonymous bags of dolls. It's awesome!
How is she doing?
She is great.  She's healthy.  She couldn't sit up at all when we were there two months ago and now she is sitting up without support and she's started crawling.  She is getting bigger in every new set of pictures we get.  
See the purple cabinet behind her? The "cribs" in her room are above those cabinets. The crib walls are only a few inches high. So she sleeps that high off of the ground with walls so low she could crawl over them! And the floor is wooden. No danger there, right?
We used to sit in this chair and hold her every day.

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