In October, my sister Amanda mentioned that she was thinking about taking a job in North Captiva, Florida (where our family goes on vacation every year) to work for six months.  I was supportive and excited.  Now I wish I hadn't been so supportive, because she is really doing it and she left this morning.
Even though I am sad (and really jealous), I am so proud of her for taking this chance and trying something new.  We've gone to North Captiva as a family four summers in a row and we all love it there.  We all joke about moving there... and Amanda is really doing it.  I'm really proud.  (And did I mention jealous?)

North Captiva is NOT Captiva or Sanibel.  It's a teeny tiny island with no bridge and no roads.  Amanda will take a boat to the island and will walk or drive a golf cart to get around.  She'll work at the pool bar (a family friendly open-air shell with about 10 barstools) and Mango's the grocery store/restaurant which is about the size of an average living room.

There is no big resort, just rental houses and a few guests.  It's quiet with lots of big empty beaches.  She is going to have a very unique experience.  I hope she has a wonderful time... I just hope she comes home in August!
Rooftop view of the houses across the island.
Amanda is keeping a travel blog while she is gone.  
You can read about her adventure at:
Aunt Manders
2/23/2012 08:06:26 am

Aw! This is awesome! Thank you and miss you all!! Put Sissy and River's pictures in picture frames today. :)


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