This crazy momma is trying to collect 400 headbands to share with the girls at orphanages all over Ethiopia in February.  She wants to bring a little beauty to these girls living in squalor.  It may not save a life, but it could sure brighten a day.  She is accepting handmade and store bought headbands.  Headbands must be mailed by Valentine's Day.  Here is a link with more information, ideas and a mailing address:


I made these over the weekend...



Lori Wade
01/30/2011 7:08pm

Love the headbands! Good job Brandy!!!

02/03/2011 4:31pm

My little daughter is getting so crafty. I watched her sew some diapers this week that looked store bought. Now headbands. These kids are going to love this stuff. Good job to everyone involved. (Emma) My name I call her for now, is going to love looking back at this.


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