Our case- all of our evidence, investigations, police reports, court documents,  everything- will be handed over to the US Embassy in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia on Thursday morning.  Hopefully, it will be enough.

AWAA expects for Aberash to be asked back to Addis for another interview.  Initially, we hoped to be in Addis for that interview so that we could meet with Aberash again ourselves.  But we're nervous that if the interview isn't enough to clear us they could still send our case on to Nairobi, Kenya.  Which would add several more weeks of waiting to come home.  AWAA doesn't really know what to tell us to expect, because our case is so unique.  Wouldn't you know it.

So, we're debating now when we should leave.  We'll wait and see if they schedule an interview for Aberash next week.  We will probably hear about the interview next week and it will probably fall sometime during the week of July 16th. Hopefully, we'll be cleared the day of the interview and we can leave immediately to bring her home.  If we aren't cleared that day, then we don't really know what to expect.

We obviously want to be there, to take her home, the very first possible second we can.  We are anxious to get a on a plane right now, but the logistics are complicated.
In hopes that we truly will be leaving in a couple of weeks, there are a few projects to wrap up now.  

We can not believe the dolls, mobiles and crib toys we've gotten.  And we've also been given handmade dresses and quilted play mats.  We have just been blown away by the response.  I don't have counts or pictures of the totals, but I will get those when we start packing.  Right now, every empty corner of our house is stacked with dolls.  

We would be happy to take more of everything, if you could try to get them to us by the weekend of July 14th. 

We still need old iPhones.  We have two, but I'd love to take four or five.  I would be happy to tell you more about where they are going if you send me an email at brandydwade (at) gmail (dot) com.  So if you have one laying in a drawer or know someone who does... please let us know!

We still need to sell all of the bracelets for Habi!  We've sold a few, and I believe a few folks have donated through the Darlings blog directly.  But I'd love to sell the rest of these.  I set the prices high (to raise the most money for them), but if you'd like to donate a little bit less, I'd be glad to send you a bracelet just to get them a donation.  So please look through them again and consider donating.  The Darlings are on their way to Ethiopia right now and they hope to bring Habi home with them.

7/3/2012 03:40:27 am

Praises to our wonderful Lord and Savior! Can't wait to see our baby girl! I'll have more crib mobiles ready by the time you go!!!


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