Our dossier has now been in Ethiopia for five months.  Our adoption agency, America World, still says that the wait for an infant girl referral will be 7 - 11 months.  Things have been moving slowly lately and we're currently #12 on the unofficial wait list. 

We've said this before, but I want to clarify that the 7 - 11 month wait is not a wait for a baby to be born.  There are an estimated five million orphans in Ethiopia today.  Our adoption agency can only process so many adoptions at one time, so we are waiting for our agency to get to us on the list.  Even though the wait is long, we are happy that our adoption agency moves slowly and ethically.  We know our turn will come eventually!

Angi Cooper
1/27/2011 10:50:01 am

CONGRATS! It has in some ways been quick and in other ways- FOREVER... can hardly wait until we both have our baby pictures, but atleast we know we are over 1/2 way into the estimated wait! :) Angi


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