If you have not already been to Give1Save1.com, go now! 

The idea behind their site is to get 30,000 people to sign up to donate $1 every week.  They call this group of people "the Dollar Mob."  Their theory is if they can get 30,000 people in their Dollar Mob and those people are each donating $1 a week (which can be done automatically with PayPal and takes a whole 35 seconds to sign-up for), then they could give $30,000 to a different organization or family each week.  EACH WEEK.  That is an entire adoption paid for in a week, or a new car for a non-profit, or food for an orphanage... there are literally endless possibilities. 
The Narunsky's- the AWAA Ethiopia family the Dollar Mob is hitting this week.
But they need those 30,000 people to sign up.  Now I know you agree with me that there are definitely 30,000 people in the United States of America who would love to be in the Dollar Mob.  I mean, it's so simple!  It's a dollar.  Who can't spare a dollar?  And you get the thrill of being a part of something huge and helping someone new every week.  So of course they'll be able to find 30,000 people, right?

Well, they've been working on this for several months now and you know how strong their Dollar Mob is?  $21.  That's it.

So I'm asking YOU to sign up.  I'm not asking you to think about the other people who could or should sign up.  I'm not asking you to consider how other people will probably eventually sign up.  I'm asking YOU to sign up and join the Dollar Mob.  Right now.  Seriously.  Yourself.

I know, you're like, isn't that cute...  she's talking to the other people.  No, I'm talking YOU.  For real.

Because seriously, it's a dollar.  A flippin' dollar.  And I know you can spare it. 

But most of all I want you to do it because you're going to be surprised to find out what this one dollar actually buys for you.  Because there is nothing, literally nothing better, you can do for yourself, than to do something for someone else. 

I know you'll thank me later.  Now, go sign up.  Right now. 

10/21/2011 04:49:54 am

you're awesome!


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