I did not realize that hair would be such an ordeal from day one.  Willow has a thick head of curls, about four or five inches long when pulled straight, so I've had a lot to learn pretty quickly!  

There are a lot of great sites out there to help us adoptive mommas.  So much so that it becomes completely overwhelming.  Especially if you don't understand the basics.  So, warning, this post will be of no interest to anyone but a fellow adoptive mom.

I finally found these two YouTube videos that break down hair typing in a very slow, elementary sort of way.  Now I (finally) know that Willow has 3B hair.  Not 3C or 4A like I had thought- which was WAY off.  
In this second video, she explains shine, shrinkage and moisture in a simple, but scientific way.  If you've just watched part one, you can skip to minute three, because she is basically summarizing part one.  For information on shine skip to minute eight.  For moisture skip to minute 10:30. 

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