So far we have raised $72 for formula!  
Please continue to donate and help us spread the word!  
We need more shoes!  So far we only have child size 9 - 13.  We need bigger kid shoes.  We would love to have sturdy tennis shoes in bigger sizes.  New or slightly used.

We also need vitamins, vitamin D drops or Iron drops.  

If you know of a nurse who might have a connection to some scrubs, please let us know!

We have no rubber gloves, saline spray, Neosporin, Benadryl, Permetherin or Lice Kits.  

Please help us continue to collect!  Our biggest donations have come from asking one person who happened to have a connection.  So please help us spread the word!  There is much we still need!  

You can contact me at BrandyDWade at gmail dot com.  

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