Happy four month birthday baby girl!  
We didn't get a court date today, so that means we won't be able to find out when our court date is until the courts re-open on February 21st.  Our friends the Wages got their court date earlier this week and it was for March 8th (you can read that very exciting story here).  So we know that we won't be traveling before March 8th.  We are hoping to hear about our date shortly after the 21st of February and hoping that it will be as close to March 8th as possible, because we are ready to go right now, today!
Two wonderful, traveling mothers sent us new picture this week.  It is so exciting to get new pictures!  I am so thankful that they have taken time away from their own children to spend a few minutes with ours.  I can't wait until we can return the favor.  
Janet - Meme
2/3/2012 08:31:14 am

I told everyone at school today that our sweet baby girl is 4 months today! Even though time seems to be crawling we are still so much closer each day to getting that sweet baby home. I too am so thankful for the sweet people who took the pictures for you:) Love you all!

2/6/2012 01:55:36 am

YOU have new pictures. Uh-huh. Why is this the first I am hearing of it????? And you never gave me the down low on the name either!


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