I know what you're thinking... she finally stopped asking us to donate to her, and now she's asking us to donate to someone else?  Well, yes I am.

There is a very nice AWAA family just $600 short of what they need to mail in their dossier.  (Submitting your dossier means that you are finished with all of your paperwork and finally get to join the waiting list.)  I've been reading through their blog and it seems that they have been very smart about saving and planning for this adoption.  They finally have all of their paperwork ready to mail and can send it to AWAA as soon as they can save another $600. 

Now, if everyone who reads this blog today would donate just one dollar, we could raise $60 - $100 for them today.  Or if you are feeling generous donate more.  We're giving $15.  It's not much, but it all adds up.  Take it from someone who has been there... every single donation is a blessing.  We were/are thrilled to pieces over every single donation we received- no matter how big or small.  It is especially exciting to get a donation from someone you don't even know. 

Here is their blog.  They have a PayPal Donate button on the right hand side. (Don't use ours!  Use theirs!)

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