Thank you so much Michael Gowin, Tyler and Lori for the great pictures!
Together again in Ethiopia

Big brother and other fans waiting in the airport.

Our big entrance.

Meeting River.
He is showing her the sign that he made that says, "Sissy I love you." He has always wanted us to name her, "Sissy I love you Temar Wade"
My favorite picture. Look at River's proud face!
Meeting Little Mamaw Shirley.

A reunion with the old transition home buddies.
The Coopers with Aerie and the Simons with Soloman.

Tyler isn't sure why he's even at the airport.

At home.  At last.
There is so much that I could say, but it will all have to wait, because right now we are just enjoying our first days together!
Bart, Lori, Drew, & Ben
7/31/2012 09:31:24 pm

Welcome home, baby girl! That last pic of her is absolutely gorgeous. Praise God she is finally home!

8/1/2012 12:18:50 am

What a sweet dream come true!!! Temar is everything and more than I ever dreamed of!!! So thankful to God that He chose her for you! She is precious! River is just the perfect big brother! You are an awesome family of 4 now!!! So proud of you all! God is good!!!

8/1/2012 11:39:22 pm

Thank you for sharing your homecoming! What a blessing! Congratulations Wade Family!

Robyn Davidson
8/2/2012 08:29:36 am

So happy for you guys! She's rediculously adorable. I love that you guys were in Ethiopia with the Gowins, who we traveled with for our court date. Hope we can all meet up at a reunion someday. God bless.


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