At ten o'clock on Sunday I posted that we could take donations for the Ethiopian orphanages.  Look at what we had gathered by noon on Tuesday. 

We just shipped five heavy boxes to a family in Wisconsin who are leaving for Ethiopia Friday morning.  They will be taking the supplies to the transition home where they will be sorted and distributed where they are needed. 

The most amazing thing about the amount we gathered is that most of it was just sitting around.  We picked up 99 cloth diapers that were no longer being used, we were given medical supplies and a high-calorie formula (used for malnourished infants) that had been sitting  in a closet in Bloomington for 8 months. 

Here is the list of items were able to collect in 38 hours. 
  • 25 cans of DuoCal formula
  • 5 boxes of infant cereal
  • medical equipment including gloves, wound care packages, feeding tubes...
  • 24 containers of diaper rash cream
  • 8 waterproof crib mattress covers
  • 48 waterproof diaper covers (size 12 mo - 4T)
  • 8 children's Tylenol and 6 infant Tylenol
  • 16 blankets
  • 129 cloth diapers
  • 100+ disposable diapers
  • 6 pair of toddler shoes
  • laundry basket full of infant/toddler clothes
  • baby powder, baby wash, medicated body powder, cough drops, barrettes, socks, teethers, pacifiers, bandaids, hand sanitizer, soap, tissues, q-tips...
We've shipped off five boxes, but we are not finished!  There are more families leaving all of the time and we can continue to send supplies every month. So, what do you have sitting around?  Who do you know that may have something we could use? 

Here are the greatest needs that we know of right now:
  • Cloth diapers and diaper covers (disposable diapers are fine too, but are used up quickly in an orphanage)
  • Waterproof crib mattress covers (crib mattresses in the orphanages are fabric and not covered with plastic like ours here)
  • diaper rash cream (due to the shortage of diapers, many infants have terrible diaper rash)
  •  infant and children's pain reliever
  • infant, children and adult multi-vitamins
  • infant/toddler clothes and shoes
Please continue to gather supplies.  We would be happy to pick them up from you or you may drop them off at our house, Lewellyn Technology, or Smidgens anytime.  The needs are urgent and we are fortunate to be in a position to have connections to families traveling to Ethiopia.  There is no reason for diapers, medicine, and clothes to sit in our closets! 

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