This did not start as a blogging project.  I was just picking up the house in the afternoon, but then...

I cleaned out our shoe closet and THIS is what came out.
We aren't even shoe people.  I wear the same thing every day and I put on River whichever pair are easiest to put on or whichever pair I find two of that match first.  Logan rotates two or three pair.  So how on earth did this happen?!

I found a pair of royal blue flats with cut-out hearts that I bought before River was born.  They are still brand new, because there hasn't been a day in four years that royal blue flats with cut-out hearts matched what I was wearing.  Or were appropriate for my age...

I found three pair of high heeled boots and the shoes that I wore for my high school graduation. 

Logan has more brown shoes than I care to count. 

So what are we doing with all of these?! 

We know that there are people all over the planet and even here in our county who have NO shoes.  We talk about it and we've seen the pictures.  And yet all this time we've been hoarding shoes in our closet.

Many in Ethiopia wear shoes that have completely worn through on the bottom. This photo was snapped by a fellow adoptive AWAA mother, Karen Cassidy, at Trees of Glory carepoint in Ethiopia in November.

I can't even fathom what it must be like to have NO SHOES.  But it happens.  All of the time.  And here we are with all of these shoes in our house doing nothing other than getting in our way.

What difference could these shoes make to someone who has none?  Even the ugly blue ones.

So, to right this wrong, I am giving the dressy shoes to the thrift store and putting the more practical shoes aside to send to Ethiopia.  It is yet to be determined where the royal blue heart shoes are going. 

There must have been a greater plan for me to send shoes to Ethiopia, because just days after this shoe closet cleaning experience our friend Laura Herwehe brought us big bag of brand new flip-flops to send to Ethiopia. 

So, I challenge YOU to clean out your own shoe closet.  I'm guessing we're not the only ones with a few spares.  Take yours to the thrift shop or give them to me to send to Ethiopia.  It's a free way to make a big difference for someone else. 

As much as we are hoping and praying for a referral and a court date before the courts close for the rainy season... it looks more unlikely every day.  So if you are traveling to Ethiopia soon and have room for donations, please let us know!  We'd love to send shoes with you! 
6/22/2011 01:42:48 am

Hi Brandy!
It's funny you just posted this as we have been talking about our shoes. You see, about a year ago we were a part of a missions trip in South Africa where we had the AMAZING opportunity to meet with people who came for medical care, but there was something special about the meeting. We washed their feet AND provided them with a new pair of socks and shoes (socks we brand new, and shoes were gently worn or new). ANYWAY, we had been collecting shoes from friends with the intent of going back to SA, but due to the fact we are smack dab in the middle of our adoption, it's not going to happen. SO, needless to say, we have FOUR storage bins of shoes (some new, some used). We were JUST talking about how we could get them to ET! Anyway, not sure where this could go, but I thought I would throw this out.... :) Faith!

6/22/2011 09:40:25 am

I have shoes! I will clean out our closets tonight.

6/22/2011 12:37:19 pm

Don't forget about the 3 totes of brand new shoes donated to us by Opens Arms Girls Home! We need ET families to carry some to ET, any takers?


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