Once upon a time, I sold Mary Kay.  And I loved it!  But then there came a time when I was so busy with River and Smidgens and CASA and our dossier and our adoption grants that something had to go.  And I stopped selling Mary Kay about a year ago.

Nowadays, I'm doing less and spending more time waiting around for that important phone call and wondering how we're going to pay for the two trips to bring her home.  Enter my old friend Mary Kay.

Here's the deal... to get started I have to put in a big order by 6pm Thursday, September 22nd (that's this Thursday).   So I am giving a major incentive to order. 

Anyone who puts in an order in any amount is entered to
win $50 in free products of your choice.  I'll have River draw a name from everyone who has ordered between now and 6pm Thursday.  Honestly, since I am just getting started, I only expect a handful of people to order.  So your chance to win will be very good.  HA HA

And here is an added incentive.  If someone else orders from me and they tell me that they heard about this from you...  then you are both entered into the drawing.  So let's say for example you order something and you tell your friend Jane about it and she orders something as well.  Then you would be entered into the drawing twice and your friend would be entered once.

You can shop on my website:

Orders can be submitted any time, but to be included in the drawing you have to order before 6pm on Thursday the 22nd.  Don't forget to tell your friends!

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