$393 for formula.  
Please continue to donate 
and help us spread the word! 
Donations can be made through our donate button on the sidebar.
River's Cupcake Kids t-shirt from www.thecupcakekids.org.
River helped me on one last big trip to the store today.  We got all of the food and medicine we're taking with us.

We found this enormous bottle of 240 vitamins at WalMart for $9.97.  We would love to have more of these!  They are good for age 2 - adult and the bottle is light-weight.  We could pack several of these!
We found four more pair of tennis shoes on our front porch today.  Thank you, whoever you are!  (And I promise our front porch is not a reflection of the rest of our home.  ha ha)  

Thank you to Cheryl for the scrubs you left at church, and thank you to everyone who has donated $6 and more toward formula.  

Thank you all so much!  Keep the donations coming and continue to help us spread the word!  You can contact me at BrandyDWade at gmail dot com.

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