Our diapers and covers are on the move.  Several families are taking them to Ethiopia this month and several families have already delivered them in February.  We have gotten hundreds of diapers and lots of covers to the orphanages that work with America World. 

This week we were also given the opportunity to send diapers to Uganda and those are already in the mail.  Sonrise Baby Home is in desperate need of cloth diapers.  See what they write here.  We are sending 100 diapers and 100 snapping, factory-made covers.  We are so thrilled that these diapers and covers are going to places where they are actually needed. 

We have one America World family willing to take 50 lbs of diapers and another willing to take 100 lbs.  That might actually use up our entire reserve!  That certainly doesn't mean we're finished though... we'll just have to find more so that we can keep sending them! 

We have also heard this week that there is another orphanage- Drawn from Water (see their video here) that is in need of formula.  Since formula is hard to find in-country we would love to have some actual canisters of formula to donate. 

If you are interested in helping us we would appreciate donations of cloth diapers and formulaYou can hand them to us directly or use our donate button and we can buy them for you.  We know so many families that are traveling soon, we can pass them on and have them in Ethiopia and in use this month! 

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