Ayalenesh Hussen Yimer
Ayalenesh (pronounced A-lyn-nesh) is 28 years old and lives in Dessie, Ethiopia.  She was orphaned herself when she was very young.  She now lives alone with her three year old daughter.  She feeds her daughter before herself and says that she is "hungry, thirsty and miserable."  She says that she "desperately wants to change her life."  She wants to begin a business by sorting lentils, the good from the bad, and grow that into a shiro (soup) business. 

Logan and I will be supporting her through the next three years.  During that time she will meet with counselors and social workers and will start her own business.  If all goes well, at the end of the three years she will be able to support herself, mentor and give micro-loans to other women in her community.

We'll be in contact with her regularly.  Eyob (the in-country BEMM employee) is actually meeting with her today, delivering her first months sponsorship money from us, a letter and pictures of us.  When we travel to Ethiopia for our adoption, Eyob can take us out to Dessie for an overnight trip to meet Ayalenesh.

Here are Eyob and Steffany (who we met last Sunday) with another mother (not Ayalenesh) who recently received a life-saving surgery funded by Because Every Mother Matters.
If you are interested in sponsoring a mother, please contact BEMM through their website (bemm.org) or friend Steffany Boster on Facebook.  You do not have to be an adoptive parent, nor do you have to travel to Ethiopia.  They are in need of many more sponsors. 
12/19/2011 02:50:14 am

Brandy, thank you so much for your sweet encouragement to make the most of our wait. I really appreciate your insight. Praying for you and for a swift referral. Can't wait to hear about it:).


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