Our first days together have been better than we ever could have imagined. We still can't believe we're even here.  A week ago today, we were at VBS pouting and trying not to cry in public.  Now we're here.  We're together and it feels like she's always been with us.

We've learned so much about her already.  We came here prepared for the worst... tantrums, fear, sleepless nights... but we've had a surprisingly easy time.  She's eating well, sleeping all night long, and when we need to go somewhere she's happy in the Ergo carrier.  

Today we said goodbye to the transition home and the older children that we have gotten so close to.  Luke, Levi, Zahria, Kieran all got hugged and kissed and then watched me cry like a fool.  Tomorrow we're visiting Mahder, Amelework, Eyob and Yohannes from the His Little Feet tour.  We've heard they're having a hard time with their return to Ethiopia after nine months in America and we're hoping a familiar American face might help.

We said goodbye to two nannies who loved Temar very much.  We got pictures with them and hugged them and told them thank you.  But how can you really thank someone for loving your child in your absence?  For caring more than they had to.  We owe Temar's easy transition to those women and the love they've given her these seven months she was with them.  

There is so much that I could say, but I don't have the words to capture these few days in one blog post.  It has been a lot more emotional than we expected.  All of the hellos, and firsts, and the newness of it all.  And at the same time goodbyes, and last times, and sadness knowing that we won't be back here for a while. 

But we miss River and we're ready to get home and start our life as a family of four.  We can not wait to see everyone.  We'll be coming into the Indianapolis airport at 6:40 pm on Sunday, July 29th.  (My birthday!)  And everyone is welcome to come and welcome her home!  
Today- after our Embassy appointment. We actually met Evan Elliott the awesome guy who let us be submitted two days early and who cleared us last Friday. He is our hero!
We discovered yesterday afternoon that she can pull-up to stand.
Daddy does headbands now.
7/26/2012 05:36:00 am

I love you baby girl!!! Well see you on Sunday. You're the best birthday present your Mommy has ever gotten!!! River can't wait to kiss you and your mommy and Daddy and neither can we!!!

dee Lacy
7/26/2012 06:30:48 am

I am so happy for you. It brings tears to my eyes every time I read your blog. God is so good and you guys are truly blessed. I can't wait to meet her.

Bart, Lori, Drew, and Ben
7/26/2012 09:49:38 am

She is SO CUTE! So glad she is doing so well. Nice job Logan on the headband. You look like a pro! We can't wait for you all to get home and be that family of 4. See you Sunday!!

Susan Perigo
7/26/2012 01:03:53 pm

Such wonderful and exciting news! Congrats!!!

7/26/2012 02:04:21 pm

Oh she is so beautiful. I am so so happy for you!!!

7/26/2012 02:05:50 pm

Love these pictures...you all look so happy and relaxed! Temar is already beginning to look like you guys!!;) Can't wait to meet her! Safe travels home!

Julia Hubrich
7/26/2012 11:46:05 pm

So nice to meet you! I'll be praying for your trip home!!!

7/27/2012 12:07:56 am

LOVING your posts AND that gorgeous girl!!! Woke up this morning just hoping for another update!


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