We started this blog one year ago today.  I honestly didn't know back then how we would ever come up with enough to say to make it worthwhile.  Now, I can't imagine what we would have done without it.  We've been able to do so much.  So many collections and fundraisers.  So much information shared.  And we've connected with some amazing people out there in the blog world.  It's been one thing that has kept us sane during this crazy year.
Our very first donation collection. This is our living room 48 hours after posting that donations were needed.
Almost 2,000 cloth diapers on our front porch in January.
We've been able to ship diapers, diaper covers, clothes and other donations to families all over the country and those families have taken hundreds of pounds of donations into Ethiopia.

I went back and read our first post.  It was riveting.  Kudos to the three people who were reading it back then. 

The First Post
09/10/2010 0 Comments

I have decided to create this blog to inform our family and friends about Ethiopia and international adoption.  I plan to update the blog weekly with information about Ethiopia and adoption with websites and information that Logan and I have found helpful throughout our process.  We realize that we have had a year to prepare and educate ourselves on adoption and Ethiopia, but many of you still have questions.  So we would like to use this blog to share with you what we've learned.  Please feel free to comment and ask questions.

Wow.  Can you even believe that didn't get any comments?

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