This winter during her own adoption process our friend, Carmen Druckenmiller, became a Pampered Chef consultant for the sole purpose of hosting fundraisers for adoptive families.  She recently brought her two handsome sons home from Ethiopia.  They're settling into their new normal and she's ready to help families start fundraising again. 

In regards to our own adoption expenses, we currently have everything we need to cover the referral acceptance fees.  However, we are a long way from having all that we need to cover the travel expenses for the two trips to Ethiopia.  So, since Carmen offered us this great opportunity and I love Pampered Chef I was happy to agree to have a party!

Over the years I have built up quite a Pampered Chef collection.  If you have any questions about any particular products, I can probably help you.  I've seen or used just about everything! 

A portion of every sale goes toward our adoption
  1. To shop go to  http://www.pamperedchef.biz/DrucksKitchen.  
  2. Click on "Shop Online" on the left hand side.
  3. Type "Brandy" in the Host's First Name box and click search.
  4. Click on "Wade Adoption"
  5. Start Shopping!

7/3/2011 01:18:49 pm

Hey Brandy - how long do I have to shop? I'm a wait til the last minute kind of girl but love Pampered Chef

Brandy Wade
7/3/2011 01:44:23 pm

Oops! Forgot that part! The sale ends July 23rd! Thanks!


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