I have been overwhelmed by the response to our first project!  We currently have over 75 crib toys with 8 more coming in the mail yesterday!    

I am very excited about our second project!  I have already made two myself and my cousin and aunt have made 50!  
I found DollyDonations.blogspot.com online a few months ago, and while we were in Ethiopia I knew this would be an awesome project to be a part of.  

To a child in an orphanage, having a dolly of their very own, would not only be one of the only toys they've ever received, but a comfort for a long time to come.  

These dolls are so simple and they can be made out of any kind of scrap fabric or old clothes.  I'm actually using an old pillow to stuff them, so I haven't bought a thing.

DollyDonations.blogspot.com has the free pattern and tutorial.  She'll be posting about our dolly drive soon.  

The dolls we bring with us to Ethiopia will be taken to the children at the government orphanage, and if we have enough we'd love to bring one to every child at the AWAA transition home, Abenezer Orphanage and KVI Orphanage.  

So if you like to sew and need a project, please join us!  Or send this on to someone you know who likes to sew!  These dolls are light and will pack flat in a vacuum bag so we can take hundreds if we can get them!  

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